~* christina girlson *~ (christ_in_a_grl) wrote in heathersfanclub,
~* christina girlson *~

~* who is heather?!?!?! *~

ummmm, during my search 4 groups on pro-life, anti-abortion + republicans this group kept popping up so i figured i'd join.

WTF does this heather girl have 2 do with any of those groups above?

well newayz my name is christina girlson but i like 2 call myself christ-in-a-girl b/c it's way cooler than jack-in-a-box + plus i always have christ in me!

oh + i was born in norway but my parents loved jesus so much, we left a godless country like norway + came 2 a country that praises the lord.. isn't that soooo awesome??

oh, in school i'm a cheerleader, i'm popular + all the guys say they want me, but i'm always like 'i'm right here u dummies!' + they just laff @ me. i also have a boyfriend named benji + he love god 2.

oh well g2g! <3
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